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Workplace giving for employers

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Workplace giving for employers

A corporate workplace giving program helps employers deliver on corporate social responsibility best practice, as well as save Australian lives

A simple and effective way for employees to donate to charities direct from their pay

Workplace giving allows employers to actively engage with their employees and make positive community contributions. Companies that engage with workplace giving programs find them an ideal corporate social responsibility channel and easy to set up and manage through the regular payroll system.

Companies can incentivise their employees to donate by matching all staff donations. This helps to communicate their commitment to helping the Heart Foundation in its fight against Australia's number one killer - heart disease.

Why workplace giving?

Most participating employers report that their workplace giving program achieves high levels of employee engagement. It can also:

  • Boost staff morale and motivation, which aids in retention and recruitment
  • Enhance your business’ charitable giving, with little effort or cost to you

Matched giving

Did you know that matched giving is a great way to increase your fundraising as a company? You can choose to match your employees’ donations dollar-for-dollar, so that your company’s contributions can have double the impact.

For more information contact our Workplace giving team.

Last updated01 April 2020