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Workplace giving for employees

How you can help


Workplace giving for employees

Your employer’s workplace giving program makes it easy to setup regular, tax-deductible donations from your pre-tax income.

Donate the easy way – direct from your pay 

When you donate to the Heart Foundation through your workplace giving program it empowers you to fund life-saving research into heart disease. You become a vital part of our work to reduce the impact of heart disease in Australia.

You can do this by making a regular tax-deductible donation to the Heart Foundation through your employer’s payroll system – give as much or as little as you like. 

What are the benefits of workplace giving? 

  • It’s all automated. Once you’ve signed up, you don’t need to do anything. Even the recordkeeping is taken care of – it’s recorded on your payslip and you receive a tax receipt at the end of the financial year. 

  • Your donations are pre-tax, so your taxable income is reduced. 

  • If your employer has a matched giving program, your donation might be doubled, or even tripled! 

Why workplace giving? 

Regular donations through your workplace are vital to funding our life-saving research and work to improve heart disease prevention and care for all Australians. By donating through workplace giving, you can make your money go even further.  

How to join a workplace giving program 

  • Find out if your organisation has a workplace giving program.  

  • If they do, nominate the Heart Foundation as your charity of choice and select your donation amount.  

  • Your employer will then make these donations to the Heart Foundation on your behalf. 

  • If your organisation doesn’t have a workplace giving program, click here to find out how to set one up

Last updated01 April 2020