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Endorsement of externally developed clinical resources

For health professionals


Endorsement of externally developed clinical resources

The Heart Foundation is committed to promoting evidence-based care for all Australians living with, or at risk of, heart disease. We have a robust review process for endorsement of externally developed clinical resources related to cardiovascular care.

Heart Foundation endorsement 

The Heart Foundation will only endorse resources that meet the Heart Foundation’s essential criteria:

  • Relevance to and alignment with Heart Foundation strategic objectives.
  • Alignment with current Heart Foundation clinical positions and overarching Heart Foundation values (where applicable, and accounting for changes in evidence that may supersede Heart Foundation positions).
  • Transparent and robust methodology for evidence review, evidence translation and recommendation development.
  • Transparent and robust documentation and management of conflict of interest. 

Non approval 

The Heart Foundation reserves the right to decline a request for endorsement of a resource. This is usually because a resource is considered either not relevant to the work of the Heart Foundation or does not meet the criteria listed above. 


The review and approval process usually takes six to eight weeks.


For all enquiries about Heart Foundation endorsement of clinical resources, contact [email protected]

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Last updated18 January 2024