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Webinar: Prediction in practice: Applying the new Aus CVD Risk Calculator



Webinar: Prediction in practice: Applying the new Aus CVD Risk Calculator

The new 2023 Australian Guideline for assessing and managing cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk provides the latest evidence, practical advice and tools for CVD risk assessment and management in primary care.

The Aus CVD Risk Calculator is the first dedicated Australian CVD Risk Calculator, incorporating a risk equation uniquely modified and recalibrated for the Australian population and the Australian health system. Using the new Aus CVD Risk Calculator in practice is a simple and effective way of providing more accurate risk assessment and comprehensive heart health care for patients.

Chaired by Professor Garry Jennings, this webinar showcases the new Australian CVD risk guideline and calculator, highlighting key updates and new functionalities. An expert panel illustrate how to effectively utilise the Aus CVD Risk Calculator in primary care through case-based demonstrations of important new features such as reclassification factors and risk communication tools, and how they guide optimal management of CVD.

Duration: 1.5 hours

Date recorded: 15 November 2023

Topics covered:

  • Recap of the new Australian guideline for assessing and managing cardiovascular disease risk and Aus CVD Risk Calculator, highlighting new features and how the calculator was specifically recalibrated for the Australian population.
  • Live demonstration of the Aus CVD Risk Calculator, exploring new variables and how they contribute to more accurate risk assessment, risk categories and built-in communication tools.
  • Live demonstration of the diabetes specific equation and application of reclassification factors focusing on coronary artery calcium scores, highlighting key practice points and management considerations.

Expert panelists

Professor Garry Jennings, Chair

Chief Medical Advisor at the Heart Foundation

Professor Garry Jennings is Chief Medical Advisor of the Heart Foundation as well as cardiologist at the Baker Heart and Diabetes Research Institute where he was Director and CEO from 2001–15 and the Alfred Hospital where he was one time Director of Cardiology. He was Executive Director of Sydney Health Partners 2017-2020. Over 700 of his publications have been cited more than 40,000 times on subjects ranging from prevention, pathophysiology, and treatment of cardiovascular disease to First Nations health and health policy. He Co-Chaired the guideline Expert Advisory Committee along with Professor Mark Nelson.

Garry Jennings in a suit and tie, exuding confidence, smiles warmly at the camera.

Dr Gary Deed

General practitioner, Adjunct Senior Research Fellow, Monash University, Australia

Dr Gary Deed is a general practitioner with a passionate interest in promoting quality patient care of diabetes and obesity in general practice through education, development of resources including guidelines, policy development, research and strategic collaboration. He is the Chair of the Diabetes Specific interest network for the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP). Gary is the editor for the General Practice management of type 2 diabetes guideline for the RACGP and remains a member of the ADS Clinical Guidelines/Standards Advisory Committee.

He is an Adjunct Senior Research Fellow of Monash University and helps co-ordinate the NHMRC funded ‘STAREE’ Statins in Reducing Events in the Elderly trial. He has published peer reviewed journal articles in diabetes and is an editor for Diabetes Therapy and adviser/editor for Endocrinology Today.

Gary Deed wearing a suit, tie, and glasses, exuding confidence and sophistication.

Professor Jenny Doust

Clinical Professorial Research Fellow, Australian Women and Girls Health Research Centre, The University of Queensland, Australia​

Professor Doust is Clinical Professorial Research Fellow in the Australian Women and Girls’ Health Research Centre at the University of Queensland and also works as a general practitioner in private practice in suburban Brisbane. Her work at University of Queensland focusses on the patterns of non-communicable disease in women, with a particular interest in the issues of diagnostic tests and disease definitions. In 2017, she led a team of methodologists and clinicians providing guidance for groups modifying disease definitions for the Guidelines International Network.

Jenny Doust wearing glasses and a floral shirt.

Associate Professor Anthony Russell

President, Australian Diabetes Society and Director, Department of Endocrinology and Diabetes, Alfred Hospital, Melbourne

Professor Russell has been Director of the Department of Endocrinology and Diabetes at the Alfred Hospital, Melbourne since Jan 2022, after moving from the Princess Alexandra Hospital, Brisbane. Tony is also Professor of Medicine with the School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Monash University.

Tony’s research interests are around models of care for management of diabetes, in particular integrated care with general practice and use of technology to support these models of care. Tony is currently President of the Australian Diabetes Society.

Anthony Russell in a blue shirt and tie, beaming with a warm smile.

Last updated03 January 2023