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Supporting Young Hearts

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Supporting Young Hearts

Supporting Young Hearts is a six-episode series interviewing young people with lived experience of heart conditions and talking through advice for supporting emotional health and well-being.

Episode 1: How to deal with feeling down or anxious after a heart event

Living your best life when you have a chronic health condition

Your diagnosis, identity and the future

Let's talk about sex and intimacy

Trauma is part of everyone's experience 

Courageous Conversations

Recapping the Supporting Young Hearts: Heart to Heart series

Podcast Show Notes:

Feeling down or anxious after a heart event is common.

In this episode our host clinical psychologist Carlye Weiner talks to young people about their lived experiences during and after a heart event. They share their struggles as well as how they came out the other side.

We also talk to cardio-psychologist Dr Rosemary Higgins about the strong heart and mind connection and how this plays out in younger heart patients.  

Useful links to support you: 

  • For more information on cardiac blues - or call 03 9326 8544 

  • To join the Heart Foundation’s  Supporting Young Hearts program -  a peer support initiative helping to support and connect younger people, aged 18 to 45 years, who are living with a heart condition or recovering from heart surgery or click here to join our Facebook community.  

Living with a heart condition can affect every aspect of your life.

In this episode our host clinical psychologist Carlye Weiner talks to young heart patients Caitlin Rigby and winter Olympian Sami Kennedy-Sim about their heart journey, how they haven’t let their diagnosis slow them down, and tips for other young people living with a heart condition.

We also talk to Cardiologist and Cardiac Society Australia and New Zealand President Professor Clara Chow about how to get the best out of your heart journey and recovery. 

Useful links to support you: 

Being diagnosed with a heart condition can make you reflect on your identity and what your new future could look like.   In this episode our host clinical psychologist Carlye Weiner talks to Dr Geoff Lester and Ange Foster about how they dealt with a heart diagnosis at a young age and how this affected their futures in very different ways.   Useful links to support you:  

In today’s episode we talk about sex, well as getting intimate, relationships, body image and family planning. We are here to answer some of the burning questions provided by our community of younger people living with heart conditions.  

We hear from supporting young hearts member Alicia Philipatos about dating with a heart condition and renowned Sexologist Chantelle Otten on how to spice up your sex life and get intimate  

Useful links to support you:  

In today’s episode we talk about how you may feel after having a heart event and begin to process just exactly what happened.

It’s normal to have strong physical or emotional reactions after your heart event, but for some these feelings don’t go away.

We talk openly about trauma, and post-traumatic stress and ways you can receive support. We hear from young hearts members Biana Beetham and Jackie Stripling as well as expert Dr Liza Morton.

Useful Links for extra support:

Whether it’s explaining your heart condition to others, talking to your boss, or even just dealing with other’s opinion or advice. In today’s episode we talk through how to navigate these conversations. We are joined by Cara Curan and Sophie Nester who share their experiences including transitioning from a child to adult within the health system, as well as how they share their health journey with friends, kids and employers. Useful links to support you: 

In this last episode, host/clinical psychologist Carlye Weiner summarises the key themes of the series and we recap some of insights and advice from our wonderful lived experience guests. The episode includes important information around the common experiences of mental health and living with a cardiac condition, as well as some strategies to try at home.

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Last updated29 March 2021