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Our supporters

About us


Our supporters

Working together to save Australian hearts

The Heart Foundation leads the fight against heart disease thanks to the generosity of our supporters, donors, fundraisers, volunteers, corporate partners, government and non-government partners.

We work together to deliver on the vision of an Australia free of heart disease.

The Heart Foundation recognises the efforts and dedication of surgeons, medical specialists, general practitioners, nurses, Aboriginal healthcare workers and others; their efforts to save and improve the lives of those living with heart disease inspire us all.

With your support, we can make a difference

The Heart Foundation receives approximately 80 per cent of our funding from the kindhearted giving of everyday Australians.Your generosity empowers us to fundworld-leading heart health research, innovative prevention and support programs,and impactful awareness campaigns. Thousands of Australians give with open hearts. This enables us to deliver real, lasting and positive results.

We are committed to transparency about our income and expenditure, with a focus on sharing details of our achievements.

We look to develop and implement innovative and sustainable approaches to building and growing and a diverse revenue base.

Our sources of revenue include:

  • Individual giving

  • Community fundraising

  • Corporate partnerships

  • Major gifts and philanthropy

  • Gifts in wills/bequests

  • Government grants

  • Investment income.

The generosity of individual supporters helps us to fund world-leading heart health research, innovative prevention and support programs, and impactful awareness campaigns.

Give with Heart Day is the Heart Foundation's annual 24-hour fundraising challenge that rallies supporters throughout Australia to raise money to help the Heart Foundation fund heart disease research.

MyMarathon is a community fundraising initiative that empowers people of all fitness levels to run, walk, jog or wheel the distance of a marathon (42.2km). Their journey can be completed in four hours, four days or four weeks across October.

MyMarathon plays a vital role in raising funds for Heart Foundation research and programs. It’s also an opportunity to engage supporters on the importance of keeping active for better heart health.

Jump Rope for Heart is the Heart Foundation’s long-running school skipping and fundraising program. It encourages kids to get active and eat well to protect their heart health. Since its launch in 1983, more than 10 million children have skipped in this iconic program.

The Gift in Wills / Bequest program provides information and resources to supporters considering leaving a gift in their Will or those who have already included a gift. We share resources covering Will wording, different styles of gifts and ways to work with family and solicitors to ensure a person’s Will is current.

Gifts included in Wills are critical in funding our work. They deliver more than half of our revenue, to help support research projects and provide funding certainty future programs and initiatives.

The Gifts from the Heart program delivers a percentage of sale proceeds as a donation to the Heart Foundation.

The Heart Foundation is proud to work with some of Australia’s leading organisations and to welcome them as vital partners in our fight against heart disease. Their support enables us to raise funds that support heart disease research,and alsoprovides the Heart Foundation with the opportunity to educate their staff about heart disease.

Learn more about becoming a corporate partner with the Heart Foundation.

Your philanthropy has the power to transform the heart health of all Australians through Heart Foundation initiatives.

Major financial contributions enable:

  • Funding for innovative research

  • Programs that help to reduce the prevalence of heart disease risk factors

  • New initiatives to support Australians living with heart disease. 

Last updated22 April 2020