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A heart event can have a devastating and lasting impact on people’s lives. It’s only through more research that we help people get their health and lives back after these events. Improvements in treating both heart and mind are urgently needed for those who are left living in fear of another attack or struggling with how their life has changed post heart event.

Through your donation to the Heart Foundation, you’re helping us fund innovative research that looks at the link between mental and cardiovascular health and ways to help patients who experience mental health concerns after a heart event.

We are so grateful for people like you who join us in leading the charge to ensure those who have been through a heart event, are able to continue living their life to the fullest.

Without the donations of generous supporters like you, the Heart Foundation’s world-class research funding program would not be possible.

With your ongoing support, there is hope that we can progress towards an Australia free of heart disease.

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The MyHeart MyLife online community is a safe online group moderated by the Heart Foundation where members can share their experiences of living with a heart condition, give and receive peer support, and discover ways to lead a heart healthy life with others who are on a similar recovery journey.

Nadene on the MyHeart MyLife peer support page