Having a baby shouldn’t be a matter of life or death

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When Jodi fell pregnant with her daughter she didn’t get long to experience the excitement.

"The doctor said we both could die, so Mia is my miracle baby" – Jodi 

Jodi was born with a heart condition. At a routine check-up, two weeks after discovering she was pregnant with Mia, her doctor gave her worse news — this pregnancy could kill her.

He said that her life was on the line and there was no guarantee her baby would reach full-term. He suggested termination.

Jodi’s heart valve failed not long after, but she was determined to carry on with her pregnancy.

Her doctors were worried. The information they needed wasn’t available, so it was impossible to make clear decisions.

Despite the many risks, adversities and unknowns, the family finally welcomed “miracle” Mia into the world. 

Ten-weeks after Mia’s birth, Jodi had open-heart surgery. 

Too many people with heart disease are still living with unknowns. That’s why researchers want to find ways to reduce the risks for families like Jodi’s. 

Please help Australians with heart conditions become the parents they wish to be.

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