How Heart Foundation Helpline changed a life

Jacki had a sudden heart attack on holiday overseas. It turned her world upside down.

As a fit and healthy woman in her forties, a heart attack was the last thing Jacki expected. It left her shaken, confused and overwhelmed.

She had so many questions about her condition and how it would change her life. But she had to wait a month to see a cardiologist when she returned home.

She needed support, and she needed it quickly.

We listened

Jacki called the Heart Foundation Helpline. Linda, an experienced health professional answered the phone. She calmed Jacki’s fears about her condition, the surgery overseas, and explained what to expect during recovery.

Above all, Linda listened.

She heard the story of a seemingly healthy woman with no known risk factors who suffered the shock of her life. Linda reassured Jacki about the path ahead and helped give her the confidence to take the next steps in her heart health journey.

Linda also connected Jacki with a cardiac rehabilitation service which gave her extra motivation.

Two years later, Jacki still goes every Thursday for much-needed social support.

Our Helpline 13 11 12

Our Helpline provided free personalised information to 20,000 people like Jacki last year. It’s staffed by a small team of experienced health professionals. They’re here for all Australians who need heart health information and support.

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