Dr Carissa Bonner

Institute: University of Sydney
Current Project

Randomised trial of an online consumer engagement tool for CVD risk assessment and decision making

The project will develop a new consumer website about cardiovascular disease (CVD) prevention, including a risk calculator that creates a personalised decision aid. This will explain the concept of ‘heart age’ and show how different lifestyle and medication options can reduce the chance of having a heart attack or stroke in the next 5…

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Current Project

Translating cardiovascular disease prevention guidelines into practice

This project aims to improve the use of Australian absolute risk guidelines for cardiovascular disease (CVD) prevention by increasing:

1) GPs' use of CVD risk calculators;

2) appropriate prescribing of cholesterol and blood pressure medication for prevention, based on patients' calculated level of risk; and

3) patients' understanding of their risk, and involvement in decision…

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