A four-in-one finding

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Most people who need medications for their blood pressure will require more than one drug and not surprisingly, lifelong adherence to multiple medications for a condition that has no symptoms is a difficult concept for many people. 

A small but clinically important trial of a new ultra-low dose four-in-one pill (or quadpill) to treat high blood pressure has produced remarkable results. Every patient on the pilot trial conducted by The George Institute for Global Health saw their blood levels drop to normal levels in just four weeks.

Professor Chow, director of the Cardiovascular Division at The George Institute, said that giving people one medicine at a normal dose only controls blood pressure about half the time. In this small trial blood pressure control was achieved for everyone.

What makes these results even more exciting is that the four blood pressure medications are already in use, but these life changing medications could be delivered much more quickly, and more affordably with the quadpill.

The study, jointly funded by The National Heart Foundation of Australia and the University of Sydney was published in prestigious medical journal The Lancet in February and the team are about to commence a much larger trial into the benefits of the quadpill.

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