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Research Award funding rule changes

We would like to advise of the following recent changes to our Research Award funding rules:

  • Commencing in 2018, previously awarded Level One Future Leader Fellowship (FLF) Awardees may apply for a Level Two Future Leader Fellowship.
  • The minimum allowable workload for Postdoctoral Fellows is now 0.6 FTE, effective immediately.
  • If the Full-time Equivalent (FTE) of a Fellowship or scholarship is reduced for approved reasons (below), the length of award will be extended pro-rata.

Fellows and Scholars may apply to reduce their FTE for personal reasons such as carer responsibilities, but not typically for vocational reasons such as wishing to work part-time. All applications to reduce a full-time Award will be assessed on a case by case basis.

Should any past or present Fellows wish to apply for a Level Two FLF, the application must be submitted in accordance with the Level Two FLF application process.

Similarly, should any Fellows or Scholars wish to apply for a reduction to their FTF as noted above, a change of FTE Request Form must be submitted. 

Contacting us

You can contact the Research Team by email or by calling us on (03) 9321 1581. 

Annual reporting

All awards must have an annual financial acquittal and an annual progress report submitted to the Heart Foundation. The progress report summarises the research progress for the calendar year. For the year ending 31 December 2017, these are due from 1 January 2018 (received no later than 31 March 2018) and must be submitted via the administering institution’s research office.

Please note: For some awards, due dates and reporting may vary. Please check the funding agreement for details. 

Requesting changes to existing awards

Extension requests

Extension requests must be made three months prior to the award end date and will not be considered if there are outstanding milestones against the award. Requests made after the end date will not be considered. Scholarship extensions can be granted for a maximum of six months, and may cover both time and stipend. Fellowships and grants may be extended in time only.

Leave of absence requests

Requests to take leave of absence (e.g. maternity leave, carer’s leave, health leave), must be made four weeks prior to the first day of the proposed leave and must be made while the award is still tenable. 

Changing Administering Institutions

Transferring an award between institutions must be approved by the Heart Foundation and a number of conditions need to be met, for example, the new administering institution must be able to provide the facilities and services necessary to carry out the award. The awardee must have agreement from both institutions involved and a new funding agreement must be signed by the new institution. If you are co-funded by the NHMRC, any request to transfer to another administering institution must be made to the NHMRC.

Change of Full Time Equivalency (FTE)

Change in FTE applies to scholarships and fellowships only. The minimum FTE is dependent on the award and is stipulated in award Instructions. If there is a change in budget, please see Budget and project variations below.

Budget and project variations

If you think you may need to request a variation to your agreed budget or project, please contact the Research Team for an initial discussion as soon as possible.

Travel allowance

Certain awards offered by the Heart Foundation prior to 2012 included an annual travel allowance.  Applications for this allowance must be made in writing, via the application form, and require supporting evidence of work-related travel. Please check your funding agreement, as only awards that specifically stipulate a travel allowance in the funding agreement are eligible to apply.

Keeping us up-to-date

Let us know in advance if there is going to be any publicity surrounding your research. The Heart Foundation’s ability to fund research is dependent on raising money through public donation. Public awareness is crucial to our role in funding research. 

Acknowledging Heart Foundation support

The support of the Heart Foundation must be acknowledged in any publications or presentations arising from research we have supported. 

The Heart Foundation logo must not be used without prior written consent from the Research Program. 

Examples of appropriate wording for acknowledgements:

‘[Title] [Surname] was supported by a [Award Name] [Award ID No.] from the National Heart Foundation of Australia.’


‘This work was supported by a [Award Name] [Award ID No.] from the National Heart Foundation of Australia.’

Where applicable, co-funding partners must also be acknowledged. Please check your funding agreement for details.