The burden of coronary heart disease in younger people: evidence for cardiovascular prevention

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There is increasing evidence that the burden of coronary heart disease (CHD) is worsening in people aged under 55 years in Australia. 

Mortality rates for CHD have not improved in 35-54-year olds since the 1990s, and more recently, data from Western Australia shows increasing incidence of acute presentations of CHD including heart attacks in this age group. 

The relatively smaller number of events in this younger age group compared with older people means that it is often difficult to undertake rigorous studies using single-state data. 

In this project we aim to develop a national linked data platform to provide reliable measures of rates of CHD, particularly heart attacks, in people aged under 55 years. 

We will use combined linked data from WA, NSW and SA, supported by data from major clinical registry studies in Australia. These data sources will allow us to make accurate measurements of: whether incidence rates of CHD are indeed worsening in younger people; what the rate of recurrence of CHD and other chronic diseases is in this age group; and whether survival following the early onset of CHD in under 55-year olds in Australia is changing. 

This data will provide an important evidence base for improving prevention and management of CHD in younger people.

Researcher Profile

Dr Lee Nedkoff

Institute: University of Western Australia
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