Optimising access to care and the emergency evidence-base for acute cardiovascular events.

Years funded:
2017 - 2021

Acute cardiovascular events include strokes, heart attacks and cardiac arrests. These time critical conditions affect one-in-five Australians, and are a major cause of disability and death.

Specialty emergency treatments can reduce the damage to the heart and brain but time-to-treatment is crucial –as these treatments are most effective at symptom onset and become less effective with time. 

Unfortunately, many patients do not receive these treatments or receive them at a time when their effectiveness is reduced. Understanding and evaluating strategies to improve access to these treatments is a health care priority.

There is also significant work to be done in improving the evidence-base for many of the emergency treatments for acute cardiovascular events –as many treatments are based on expert consensus rather than evidence. 

The aim of Dr Janet Bray's research program is to improve outcomes for Australian cardiovascular patients through improving access to acute treatments and advancing the evidence-base in emergency care.

Researcher Profile

Associate Professor Janet Bray

Institute: Monash University
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