Non-clotting and pro-healing coating for vascular devices

Years funded:
2019 - 2021

Here, I aim to revolutionise cardiovascular devices to improve the outcome of patients with cardiovascular disease (CVD). This will involve the surface modification of vascular stents and grafts which are commonly implanted to restore the blood flow in blocked veins and arteries. Common complications from these devices include blood clotting and scar tissue growth at the site of the implant. Other blood disorders can also arise from long term dependency on blood thinning medications, making this a $10B industry world-wide. T

he technology I am developing is capable of coating implantable vascular devices with a thin plastic film that prevents blood from clotting when it is in contact with the device. This plastic film also enables the attachment of small molecules that specifically attract the cells needed to quickly heal the implant into the vessel such that it is no longer in danger of  clotting or scaring.

If successful, this approach will prevent the clotting and scarring that currently affects many patients for months or even years after surgery. It will also reduce the quantity and duration of post-surgical prescriptions of blood thinning medications.

Researcher Profile

Dr Eli Moore

Institute: University of South Australia
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