Next-generation High-throughput 3D Microscopy for Cardiovascular Imaging

Years funded:
2019 - 2022

High-throughput three-dimensional imaging is the future of cardiovascular tissue pathology: large volume, high-throughput imaging combined with full-service data analysis. This project aims to demonstrate proof of the concept for a novel high-throughput three-dimensional microscope using ultra-thin, focus-tunable and high-speed micro-lens arrays, and to show its practical relevance in cardiovascular biomedical imaging applications.

The proposed system can produce digital three-dimensional tissue models at micron-scale resolution. The outcomes of this project can improve the accuracy and efficiency of cardiovascular pathology by transforming a manual, analog, and qualitative field into an automated, digitized and quantitative medical science. This technology can help cardiovascular specialties who are creating new diagnostics and therapeutic solutions to improve cardiovascular clinical outcomes and save lives.

Researcher Profile

Associate Professor Yuerui Lu

Institute: Australian National University
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