Natural products to lower cholesterol

Years funded:
2018 - 2019

This project will investigate the role of natural plant and food-derived compounds (nutraceuticals) and their ability to lower cholesterol levels in high-risk patients who are unable to take standard statin therapy due to side effects. 

It is expected that a combination of natural compounds with known cholesterol lowering ability will reduce cholesterol levels in this high-risk population. 

When taken in conjunction with non-statin pharmacotherapy, these natural compounds will offer additional benefits, including additive reduction in cholesterol levels. 

In addition to helping these patients achieve cholesterol targets, these natural compounds will prevent the development of side effects associated with statin use, leading to greater adherence to their medication regime and an overall reduction in the risk of heart disease. 

Given the prevalence of heart disease within the Australian population and the need to identify alternative treatment options to lower cholesterol, the findings of this study will have enormous significance and translation potential for clinical practice.

Researcher Profile

Dr Natalie Ward

Institute: Curtin University
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