Maximising cardiovascular disease prevention in primary care for underserved populations worldwide

Years funded:
2018 - 2021

Many people worldwide experience major barriers to accessing high quality care and this is a major contributor to the avoidable disease burden from vascular diseases. 

Associate Professor David Peiris’s research aims to strengthen primary health care systems for under-served populations worldwide with a focus on cardiovascular health. 

It is grounded in implementation science and seeks to translate well-evidenced practices into routine care. It draws on rigorous implementation methods including small-scale studies to understand barriers to care; theory-informed development and pilot testing of interventions; and large-scale effectiveness, economic and process evaluations of complex strategies. 

Over the next 4 years Associate Professor Peiris will conduct interventional and observational research. 

The intervention work will focus on Australia (especially Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities), rural India, and China. 

The interventions include clinical decision support systems, workforce re-engineering to address doctor shortages and fixed dose combination polypills to improve uptake of recommended medicines. 

These interventions are being tested for effectiveness in randomized trials in different country settings. 

Through detailed process and economic evaluations, they will also provide evidence on scalability and sustainability of these interventions.

In addition to Associate Professor Peiris’s intervention research, his recent Harkness fellowship at Harvard University has allowed him to add a complimentary US-based program of observational research. 

This research uses large, nationally representative datasets to identify healthcare organisational factors that are associated with improved health system performance. 

This research seeks to be policy relevant, scientifically sound and pragmatic in outlook. It will greatly enhance our currently limited knowledge on how best to implement evidence into practice.

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Associate Professor David Peiris

Institute: University of New South Wales
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