Management of Sudden Cardiac Death Families

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Sudden cardiac death is a tragic consequence of a number of heart diseases. The death is often unexpected and has major implications for the family and community. 

While coronary artery disease (blocked arteries caused by high blood pressure, high cholesterol etc) is the most common causes of sudden cardiac death in older populations, in younger people under age 35 years, the causes of sudden cardiac death are often caused by an underlying genetic (inherited) fault in our DNA, which can lead to inherited heart muscle, electrical, and blood vessel diseases. 

How we investigate, treat and prevent sudden cardiac death in these families remains unclear. This study seeks to evaluate the long-term clinical and genetic outcomes in Australian families where sudden cardiac death has occurred in a young relative (aged 1-35 years). 

We have a unique collection of sudden cardiac death families that we have been following for several years since the death of the young person. This follow-up process will provide information which we can collect, analyse, and will allow us develop guidelines on how to best manage these families. 

Our study will improve the clinical and genetic evaluation of families, resulting in targeted treatment and prevention strategies, with the ultimate goal to prevent sudden cardiac death in our communities.

Researcher Profile

Professor Chris Semsarian

Institute: University of Sydney
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