Is ultra-low-dose combination blood pressure lowering cost-effective, acceptable, and tolerable?

Years funded:
2018 - 2019

Lowering blood pressure is important component for reducing the risk of cardiovascular events. 

Unfortunately, many people do not reach recommended blood pressure targets and remain at high risk of future heart attacks. Therefore, new strategies are needed to better lower blood pressure and reduce death and disability. 

Our team is currently conducting a research trial that aims to determine whether combining four low-doses of blood pressure medicine into a single tablet (known as Quadpill) helps lower blood pressure more than a full dose of one medicine. But we need to know more about Quadpill to find out if it will be useful. We need to know if it is good value-for-money, if people will use it, and if it has more or fewer side-effects. 

Within the trial, there is an opportunity for me to find the answers to these questions. My research will investigate the potential value-for-money of the Quadpill compared to a standard dose of a commonly used blood-pressure lowering drug. It will determine if the Quadpill is a tablet that people are happy to take, and doctors are willing to prescribe. 

My research will examine side-effects and determine if there are more or fewer side-effects with this new Quadpill approach. This information will inform the decision to make Quadpill available for clinical use.

Researcher Profile

Dr Emily Atkins

Institute: University of New South Wales
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