Information technology supported Smart Home system for patients with Heart Failure.

Years funded:
2019 - 2021

This Fellowship will enable me to develop an innovative program of work using information technologies for supporting people with heart failure.

Heart failure poses an enormous health and economic burden in Australia and globally, with around 300,000 Australians living with chronic heart failure, costing Australia more than $1 billion per year. More than half of the people with heart failure require readmission to hospital and almost two-thirds die within one year. Few people with heart failure adhere to the key self-management recommendations including medication adherence, regular exercise, and daily weighing. Emerging intelligent technologies are providing new avenues for supporting people to incorporate these self-management behaviours into their lives.

In a partnership between clinical, behavioural, and information technology experts, the Dr Shariful Islam has contributed to the development of a smart home sensor-based technology platform that can detect, promote and reinforce these behaviours in the home and remotely monitor symptoms of heart failure. This project aims to test the world-first sensor-technology platform in heart failure patients to determine its appeal and potential effectiveness for improving self-management behaviours and health outcomes. This easily installed, relatively inexpensive platform has potential for broad rollout across Australia and internationally, and thus help in reducing future heart failure related hospitalisations, and mortalities.

Researcher Profile

Dr Sheikh Mohammed Shariful Islam

Institute: Deakin University
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