Improving research translation to improve heart health

Years funded:
2017 - 2021

Despite significant research investment, most cardiovascular disease prevention research has had little impact on health policy or practice. The poor alignment between research that is undertaken and the information needs of policy-makers and practitioners is a key impediment to research translation.

My research seeks to generate new knowledge to address key research impediments to the translation of community setting-based cardiovascular disease prevention research. Specifically it aims to provide rigorous scientific evidence to address the two primary information needs of policy makers and practitioners, that is:

1. To identify pragmatic interventions that are effective in reducing cardiovascular disease risks in the ‘real world’ and, 
2. To identify strategies to facilitate the population wide implementation of evidence-based cardiovascular disease prevention policies, practices or programs. 

The research program is built around a series of i) Cochrane systematic reviews, and ii) randomised trials. Each proposed study involves partnerships between identified end-user organisations and academic institutions. Each intervention tested as part of the research program has an identified infrastructure to enable rapid translation if found to be effective.

The research program will generate research of fundamental scientific, policy and practice importance and enhance the impact of cardiovascular disease prevention research.

Researcher Profile

Associate Professor Luke Wolfenden

Institute: The University of Newcastle
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