Improving outcomes in pulmonary hypertension and heart failure

Years funded:
2014 - 2018

Overall heart function is determined by the integrated performance of the left and right ventricles. In a variety of common cardiovascular problems (including heart failure, pulmonary hypertension and critical illness in intensive care) the function of the left and right ventricles becomes impaired. Currently much of the focus on diagnosis and treatment in cardiovascular medicine has been focused on the left ventricle. The critical role of the right ventricle in determining outcome is increasingly being recognised but has been restricted by the availability of sensitive and accurate tests to assess right ventricular function. For example, our ability to predict when the right ventricle will fail in patients with pulmonary hypertension is extremely poor, which often delays the commencement of potentially life saving but complex therapies. Several studies have suggested that the most accurate way to assess right ventricular function is the simultaneous measurement of both the pressure and volume of the right ventricle. Dr Aidan Burrell aims to develop an accurate, widely available method for the assessment of right ventricular function, in order to improve outcomes in patients at risk of right heart failure, using novel 3D echocardiographic techniques to enhance available assessment tools.

Researcher Profile

Dr Aidan Burrell

Institute: Monash University
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