High-dose influenza vaccination and prevention of cardiovascular events (INFLUENCE)

Years funded:
2019 - 2020

My research program combines 2 inter-related projects. First, I will evaluate the impact of high-dose influenza vaccination on the prevention of cardiovascular events and hospitalisations amongst 5000 patients (≥65 years) with CVD (n=5000). This is a data linkage project in collaboration between Western Sydney General Practices, WentWest Primary Health Network and NSW Health. It will comprise of primary care clinic electronic health record, hospital and emergency readmissions and death data. Further, determine whether there is differing effect between subgroups, including gender and socioeconomic groups. This INFLUENCE project will be funded by an Investigator-Initiated Industry Grant ($561K).

Second, I will lead a sub-study in primary care that aims to improve the influenza vaccination rates among patients (≥65 years) with CHD. This will be nested in the NHMRC-funded QUEL cluster RCT with 200 practices ($828K). Together these studies are aligned with new government policy regarding high-dose influenza vaccination and use large sets of administrative data to improve clinical outcomes.

The results will inform clinical and policy decision-making regarding the impact of high-dose influenza vaccination on the prevention of CVD. Moreover, the method of educating and promoting influenza vaccination to older patients with CVD in primary care is scalable and can be used as a basis to develop policies and procedures to prevent cardiovascular events and hospitalisations.

Researcher Profile

Dr Karice Hyun

Institute: University of Sydney
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