Evaluating innovative web- and smartphone-based interventions to improve health in large populations

Years funded:
2015 - 2019

Just 30 minutes a day of moderate-intensity physical activity reduces risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease and prevents the development of cardiovascular disease. Yet, only 46% of Australians meet the physical activity guidelines. Given the enormity of the problem a population health approach, in which large numbers of people can be motivated to increase activity levels at low cost, is needed.

Therefore, my research will be evaluating web- and smartphone-based physical activity interventions focussing on specific subgroups (e.g. people with depressive symptoms or cancer survivors). My research will also focus on identifying the effectiveness of innovative website components or smartphone apps to move this field of research forwards. Finally, my research will aim to translate the outcomes of effective interventions into practice in collaboration with industry partners.

Researcher Profile

Professor Corneel Vandelanotte

Institute: Central Queensland University
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