Development and implementation of evidence-based stroke rehabilitation

Years funded:
2019 - 2022

While research has led to important advances in stroke recovery, stroke remains one of the leading causes of adult disability globally. To reduce the long-term burden of stroke we need both a detailed knowledge of the efficacy of rehabilitation interventions, and we need existing knowledge to be translated into clinical practice. My fellowship proposal will build on my reputation as a stroke rehabilitation researcher embedded in the clinical setting and test interventions in large-scale effectiveness trials that are embedded in the clinical rehabilitation setting; and increase the uptake of evidence and develop models of long-term sustainable support for rehabilitation clinicians to provide effective interventions based on implementation science theories. 

The overall hypothesis that I will test is that embedded research leadership in the clinical setting can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of research translation in stroke rehabilitation. To address this, I will draw together my two themes of research using three methodologies (clinical trials, health services research and implementation science):

Theme 1: Testing efficacious rehabilitation interventions in large-scale effectiveness trials, embedded within the clinical setting. 

Theme 2: Transforming rehabilitation approaches to translate evidence into practice and improve long-term outcomes for people living with stroke.

I lead a multidisciplinary research group who focus on how to implement best and promising care models and practices within rehabilitation. Embedded within a healthcare setting, my secured funding, my qualification in Implementation Science, and my strong relationships with consumers and policy-makers strengthen the potential for this fellowship to lead to lasting change in stroke rehabilitation; bridging the gap between evidence and clinical care, to improve the outcomes attained for patients. 

Researcher Profile

Associate Professor Natasha Lannin

Institute: La Trobe University
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