Developing new treatments to improve outcomes after heart attack

Years funded:
2019 - 2022

Heart attack is one of the leading causing of death and disability in Australia with over 20 Australians dying of heart attack each day.

A heart attack is caused by the sudden blockage to one of the blood vessels supplying the heart causing damage to the heart muscle.

This project aims to develop newer, smarter anti-inflammatory clot-busting medication that can be given to patients with a heart attack to prevent damage to the heart muscle.

In particular the project will investigate if our new anti-inflammatory clot-busting medication can be used in diabetes, a major risk factor for heart attack.

The success of this study will lead to the development of a new drug to be tested in clinical trials with the ultimate aim of improving outcomes for patients with heart attack. 

Researcher Profile

Dr James McFadyen

Institute: Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute
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