Developing a wireless method to assess coronary artery disease

Years funded:
2015 - 2019

Fractional flow reserve (FFR) is a technique used in the cardiac catheterisation laboratory during coronary angiography to evaluate coronary artery disease. Using FFR to guide decisions on whether to perform angioplasty or bypass grafting has been shown to improve outcomes.

However, FFR measurement currently requires placing a guidewire with a pressure sensor into the coronary vessel. These specialised wires are expensive and associated with a risk of damaging the arteries which may lead to a heart attack.

This project aims to develop a wireless method of measuring FFR using computational fluid dynamics of 3D coronary angiography images with novel software. This method will remove the need for a wire-reducing cost and making FFR assessment safer and more accessible.

Researcher Profile

Associate Professor Andy Yong

Institute: ANZAC Research Institute
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