Determining how genetics influence cardiac remodelling, using exercise as an environmental stress.

Years funded:
2018 - 2020

The Prospective Athlete Heart Study will prospectively compare changes in heart mass in endurance athletes and non-athletes. 

The heart adapts to endurance exercise by becoming larger and thicker. However, there is large variation between subjects in the extent of this adaptation, suggesting that there are underlying genetic factors which may determine the extent of heart remodelling in any individual. 

Non-athletes with greater heart mass are more likely to suffer heart failure and heart rhythm problems. 

Thus, in this study we aim to identify genetic variants in athletes with the greatest degree of heart remodelling and propose that these will also predict heart remodelling in non-athletes, allowing early identification of subjects most at risk of heart failure.

Researcher Profile

Dr Maria Brosnan

Institute: Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute
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