Colchicine and cognition in coronary artery disease.

Years funded:
2019 - 2020

Cardiovascular disease is the earliest and strongest pathological marker for dementia, contributing to 30-50% of the risk.

Oxidative stress and inflammation are thought to be key pathways by which cardiovascular disease may cause dementia.

Previous intervention trials treating traditional risk factors such as blood pressure, have targeted only older people (aged <70 years); arguably missing the opportunity for early intervention, since brain-related damage and cognitive decline are already established and unlikely to be reversible. Furthermore, the majority of these studies have only assessed gross cognitive function (rather than sensitive measures of individual domains) which would miss early and subtle yet clinically relevant changes.

This proposed study will assess cognition and brain integrity in participants aged 40-65 with established coronary artery disease who are enrolled in an ongoing randomised-controlled trial of an anti-inflammatory medication.

This will be the first ever study to investigate brain outcomes of this anti-inflammatory medication.

Researcher Profile

Dr Camilla Hoyos

Institute: University of Sydney
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