Clinical approaches to preventing cardiovascular disease

Years funded:
2016 - 2019

While many new treatments have been discovered in the last few decades to prevent cardiovascular disease (CVD), surveys show many people do not receive these treatments.

Dr Clara Chow is committed to using her skills as a cardiologist and a researcher to bridge this gap. Her program aims to identify novel, simple and scalable approaches to decrease the gap in prevention and reduce the burden of CVD. During this fellowship her research program will cover two major themes.

The first is in E-health and CVD secondary prevention. Following a promising initial trial, Dr Chow leads a NHMRC- funded first multi-centre text-message study to deliver CVD prevention support programs to patients with heart disease across Australia. She will lead this trial to completion during this fellowship and commence work to implement the findings of her teams work.

The second is to evaluate a new clinical approach to blood pressure lowering using ultra-low dose multi-drug combination therapy. She currently leads a study to evaluate the effectiveness of ultra-low dose quadruple combination therapy. During this fellowship, she aims to lead a large-scale trial to compare this approach to current guideline recommended management of hypertension.

This program of work addresses two priority areas of the World Heart Federation, and if shown effective has great potential to reduce CVD burden in Australia and overseas.

Researcher Profile

Professor Clara Chow

Institute: University of Sydney
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