Assessing the impact of food policy interventions to improve diet in the Pacific Islands

Years funded:
2018 - 2020

This project will advance our knowledge of the effectiveness of food-related policies by monitoring their impact in two Pacific countries on food availability, consumption patterns and biomarkers of food-related health risk. 

The overall aim is to establish the evidence base for extending the work on dietary salt to wider dietary issues including increasing fruit and vegetable consumption and reducing salt, fat and sugar with a view to reducing the diet related burden of noncommunicable diseases (NCD) including hypertension, diabetes and obesity. 

The specific objectives are: 
1) To conduct a systematic review of existing national food policy strategies to reduce diet related NCD in Fiji and Samoa 
2) To monitor trends in food consumption (HIES/STEPS), availability and nutrient content (Shop Surveys), and diet-related biomarkers (STEPS) 
3) To undertake a comprehensive process evaluation to better understand impact of different food policies

Researcher Profile

Dr Claire Johnson

Institute: University of New South Wales
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