Activation of the cold receptor system in overweight humans improves cardiovascular outcomes?

Years funded:
2019 - 2020

Cardiovascular diseases develop in obese patients and it is estimated that 80% of essential hypertension develops as a consequence of excess body weight. We have discovered that we can pharmacologically activate the cold system (the same system that is activated with physical cold) to induce substantial weight loss in obese animals.

The aims of this proposed study are to test a novel activator of the cold-sensing system in humans. We have previously shown that this system can reduce body weight, but does not increase heart rate or blood pressure in rodents. This study will examine the effects of a “cold agonist” in human, with the hypothesis that pharmacological activation of the cold system will induce weight loss, without increasing cardiovascular parameters, in contrast to most weight loss therapies.

Our preclinical studies have also shown that activation of cold sensing in rodents acutely reduces blood glucose, and we will examine glycemic control in our clinical study as a secondary end-point.

Researcher Profile

Professor Michael Cowley

Institute: Monash University
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