Tasmania’s Healthy Food Access project

Tasmania’s Healthy Food Access project

We've been working on several projects with local governments across Tasmania, big and small.

​​​The Healthy Food Access Tasmania project has produced Local Government Food Access Profiles for 28 of the state's 29 municipalities.

The profiles include information about:

  • ​why access to healthy food matters
  • where healthy food, particularly fruit and vegetables, are readily available for purchase in the municipality
  • local data about households who may have poor access to healthy food
  • price and affordability for healthy food
  • a framework for how to use a systems approach to making households more resilient to healthy eating
  • local highlights of projects and programs
  • suggestions for future action for the local government area.

Final report: Availability, cost and affordability of a basket of healthy food in Tasmania (PDF)

Any inquiries, additions or feedback is welcomed by the Healthy Food Access Tasmania Project Manager Bruce Ransley on 0419 710 083 or via email​.

We acknowledge the financial and other support from the federal Department of Health through Tasmania Medicare Local.