Healthy by Design, Tasmania

Healthy by Design, Tasmania

These guidelines provide design considerations for walking and cycling routes, streets, local destinations, open spaces, public transport and strategies for fostering community spirit.

This resource also takes into account some of our natural advantages in Tasmania, including our hilly topography and broad open spaces.

The guidelines, developed jointly by the Premier's Physical Activity Council and the Heart Foundation, are seen as a powerful way to incorporate health into daily planning decisions that encourage physical activity and social interaction.

Download: Healthy by Design — A guide to planning and designing environments for active living in Tasmania (PDF)

Download: Design for safe and healthy communities — The matrix of like design considerations for Tasmania (PDF)

Tasmanian case studies

The following case studies show one or more Healthy by Design planning and design considerations:

Tell us via email about a Healthy by Design initiative you have seen or have been working on in Tasmania and we will feature it here.

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