Healthy Active by Design

Healthy Active by Design

Our Healthy Active by Design website is a practical guide to address the need to build health into the design of our built environment to support and promote healthy and active living. Through regular communication, information sharing opportunities, networks and interactive training opportunities, it is hoped that the website will enable planners, urban designers and related professionals to keep abreast of new information, research and innovative case-studies.

What is the Healthy Active by Design?

The Heart Foundation works to create healthy neighbourhoods that are planned to promote walking, cycling, physical activity and public life. These neighbourhoods offer supportive environments that encourage people of all ages and capacities to be healthy and active in the neighbourhoods, cities and towns where they work play and live.  You will find throughout the site, practical guidance, checklists and case-studies categorised into eight key design features.

Design Features

Research has identified eight specific design features that support healthy and active living. Each design feature provides a useful summary of the best evidence available to help demonstrate its importance in supporting active living. Where relevant, access to healthy fresh food has been incorporated into each design feature. 

Case Studies

High quality local case studies have been prepared to demonstrate how healthy and active living can be supported in our built environment. As new projects emerge, this resource will be updated to provide the most current initiatives.

Master Checklist

A practical checklist has been prepared focusing on the Planning Framework. The checklist provides a list of strategies and questions town planners, developers and designers can ask themselves when creating, preparing and assessing a new development to help assess the impact of the proposal on health and wellbeing. 

Healthy Active by Design has been developed by the Heart Foundation in collaboration with the following agencies:

Department of Health
Department of Planning
Department of Sport and Recreation
Department of Transport
Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority
Planning Institute of Australia
Centre for Built Environment and Health (CBEH)