Healthier Oils Program

Healthier Oils Program

The good oil

The Healthier Oils Program aims to reduce community exposure to saturated and trans fats by encouraging local food outlets to switch to healthier cooking oils. The program operates at both the Local Government level working with Environmental Health teams as well as with large independent meal providers who produce hundreds of thousands of meals each year.

Large Food Service Operators

Switching to cooking oils that meet the Heart Foundation’s criteria offers large independent food service outlets the opportunity to remove significant quantities of unwanted saturated and trans fats from their meals.

Panthers in Penrith will remove 1 tonne of saturated fat each year as a result of joining the Healthier Oils Program and changing their cooking oil.

Local Government Program

The Healthier Oils Program offers Councils the opportunity to improve the quality of the local food supply by encouraging pubs, clubs, cafés and take-aways in their community to switch to healthier cooking oils.

Cessnock City Council’s environmental health team have been successfully implementing the program for a number of years.

Importantly, the Healthier Oils Program is recognised as an action to improve community access to healthier food in the NSW Governments’ Healthy Eating Active Living Strategy 2013-2018.

Making the switch

Pub owner Jeff Callaghan and Jackie Sowter, the operator of a local fish and chip shop have successfully made the switch to healthier cooking oils. 

As the owner of Peden's Hotel in Cessnock, in the Hunter Region of NSW, Jeff says the good-oil move is a positive for customers and the community. 

"By making these small changes it is a way to positively help our communities." Jeff says.

Jackie Sowter agrees, adding that her customers are “none the wiser”  after she decided to make the change to healthy cooking oils at her local take away in Branxton, NSW. 

Both Jeff and Jackie are part of the Healthier Oils Program in Cessnock where the local Council is actively encouraging local food outlets in the region to make the change to healthier cooking oils.

“We now use a canola oil that is very low in saturated fat and there is no price difference with traditional cooking oils”  — Jeff Callaghan, Cessnock pub owner 

For further information please contact the Cardiovascular Health NSW team.

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