Creating healthy neighbourhoods

Creating healthy neighbourhoods

Healthy neighbourhoods are preferred by consumers, a Heart Foundation survey shows.

As part of our work advocating for healthy built environments, the Heart Foundation is interested in what the community thinks about healthy neighbourhoods.

In October 2009 we commissioned a Newspoll telephone survey of approximately 1400 people aged 18 years and over in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth to find whether healthy neighbourhood features influence their decision about where to live.

The results of the survey indicate that many people do value being able to walk to local shops and services, access public transport and enjoy areas of open space.

These features were rated more highly than having a two car garage and large backyard — features more typically associated with car-oriented suburban neighbourhoods (or urban sprawl).

This brochure highlights the results of our survey and provides some basic guidance to the development industry on how new developments can appeal to the market demand for healthy neighbourhoods.

Download Creating Healthy Neighbourhoods - Consumer Preferences for Healthy Development (PDF).

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