Women with Heart Luncheon

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The Heart Foundation's annual Women with Heart Luncheon was held on May 12. It put a spotlight on the critical issue of women's heart health and raised vital funds for the women you love.


The Heart Foundation's annual Women with Heart Luncheon took place on Friday May 12 at the KPMG Tower in Sydney. The room was brought to life with over 130 influential women and men, all coming together to talk about heart disease.  

We were fortunate enough to have Natarsha Belling, Network Ten news presenter, leading the day for us. As well as an engaging panel discussion led by Jodie Ingles, Cathie Forster and Angela Hehir. 

Everything was put into perspective when Kelly Landry bravely shared her personal heart health story with the room. She managed to turn a very emotional and challenging story into an empowering call to action for all women - to listen to your body and speak up when something doesn't feel right. 

For all those that were involved, thank you for helping raise much needed funds to protect the hearts of the women we know and love. 

We acknowledge and graciously thank our partners and supporters for being so generous. Thank you, your support is critical and appreciated. 


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