Top five tips for a healthy, happy festive season

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Here are our top five tips to help you enjoy a happier and healthier festive season and kick off into a great new year in 2019.

1. Enjoy Christmas Day – just don’t turn it into Christmas Month

We all tend to over-indulge a bit on Christmas Day so don’t beat yourself up, enjoy the festivities and focus on making healthier choices on the other 364 days of the year.

2. Get into active habits while the weather is good

It’s easier to get out of bed while it’s light and a bit warmer so start your active routine now and head into 2019 with the physical activity as part of your day.

3. Make the most of delicious seasonal fruit and vegetables

A wonderful selection of fruit and vegetables are in season during December making, colourful salads, side dishes and delicious desserts.

4. Give or ask for healthier Christmas presents

The Heart Foundation can help you find healthier gift ideas including deliciously healthy cookbooks, pedometers and guides to great walks in your local area - visit  

5. Make a realistic resolution for the New Year

Stop! Do not rush into expensive gym memberships. If you are overweight just a 10% weight loss is realistic and will be enough to reduce your risk of heart disease. If you are wanting to get more active, look at simple ways to inject more steps into your day – they will all add up to a healthier you.


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