Heartless Words Apology

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Recently, we launched a campaign calling on Australians to have a Heart Health Check. It shocked a lot of people; none more so than those who have lost loved ones to heart disease. Your hurt, and yes, even your calls to complain, are the most poignant reminder of how heart disease affects many more than just those who succumb to it.

To all those impacted, we unreservedly apologise.

We have listened to your feedback — as we always will — and have acted accordingly.

The Heart Foundation has dedicated the last 60 years to leading the fight to save Australian hearts; this campaign has inflicted pain on some of those hearts, and for that we are sorry.

These aren’t just words - we know we have let you down. So, what could we have done differently?

We could have talked about the risk factors of heart disease.

We could have shown people leading happy, healthy lives thanks to a Heart Health Check. We’ve tried those things before.

And the truth is, these approaches have not done nearly enough.

It still kills 51 of us - young and old - every single day.

There are still almost 13 million of us, right now, with three or more preventable risk factors of heart disease.

But more importantly, you can reduce your risk of heart disease by getting a simple Heart Health Check, a GP appointment covered by Medicare.

And not enough of us are getting one.

We acknowledge that our latest campaign approach was too confronting.

And yet we cannot turn away from the uncomfortable truth that an Australian is dying every 28 minutes from something that is largely preventable.

That prevention starts with visiting your GP to have a Heart Health Check.

If you or someone you know is affected by heart disease and need information and support, please get in touch with our Heart Foundation Helpline on 13 11 12.

We are here to help.