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health party snacks
Nachos and pizza usually wouldn’t fit the healthy bill, but by making some ingredient swaps and paying attention to portion sizes, these traditional favourites will be big winners!

Nachos made with homemade pita chips 

Oven baked wholemeal tortillas replace traditional corn chips in this Mexican favourite recipe. Teamed with beans, reduced fat cheese, herbs and spices. It’s an instant winner with crowds.

Vegetarian cauliflower pizza with roasted veggies

This pizza is guaranteed to tempt even the biggest cauliflower sceptic. Topped with roasted vegetables, lentils and feta, your guests won’t even be able to tell the difference. 

Baked sweet potato with spiced cannellini beans and vegetable stew

A healthy twist on the crowd favourite. With 7 serves of vegetables each, these are getting a gold for being healthy!

To keep hungry spectators at bay on arrival, try putting healthy dips to the test. Our warm roasted pumpkin dip with vegetable crudités and wholemeal pita and thai coriander and cashew dip showcase fresh herbs, healthy fats and colourful seasonal vegetables.

The key to healthy entertaining is to:

  • Plan ahead –  decide on your menu and check you have healthy foods available.
  • Be portion aware –  try to keep track of your portions when socialising, as it’s easy to lose track and overeat.
  • Showcase heart-healthy ingredients – choose recipes which feature vegetables, fruit, whole grains, healthy proteins like legumes, nuts, healthy oils, and added flavourings from herbs and spices.

Still feeling peckish?

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