5 bright ideas to get us moving

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What do you think of when you hear the words ‘exercise'? Going to the gym? Joining a team sport?

Exercise can be as simple as getting the body moving, and there are countless ways to do this and take advantage of the health benefits. 

The Heart Foundation promotes regular exercise as a vital way to build and maintain heart health. We support the national guidelines of 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week.  What you decide to do in those 30 minutes is up to your own imagination!

To fuel our imaginations (and bodies), we have launched the Active Australia Innovation Challenge. The challenge invites people from around Australia to submit their brightest ideas to get people active. 

So, if you think your community needs a little push to get active, find out more about the challenge and make sure you register your idea. 


Great ideas to get you started

The first Active Australia Innovation Challenge in 2018 uncovered some great ideas from across the country.

No Lights No Lycra
No Lights No Lycra (NLNL) Regional Tour

No Lights No Lycra hosts dancing events in church halls and community spaces – by turning off the lights, participants feel free to dance in the dark, boost their heart rate and be expressive. We funded their regional tour to offer free dancing sessions in communities where the opportunity to dance might be limited.

Alwyndor Aged Care
Expanding Exercise Engagement with Virtual Reality

Alwyndor Aged Care is a not-for-profit based in Holdfast Bay, South Australia. Their goal is to empower seniors to age ‘actively’. To achieve this, Alwyndor Aged Care looked to virtual reality technology. 

The project saw users ride an exercise bike while wearing virtual reality goggles, turning the ‘chore’ of exercise into an engaging and motivating digital and physical experience.

"Once our residents get on the bike and are using the goggles they just don’t want to stop”, says Sue Lange, lifestyle coordinator at Alwyndor.

Townsville South State School
Tag-on Townsville

Townsville South State School students are known as the ‘mudpickers’, because students walk through mangroves to get to school each day. To encourage more students to walk and cycle the route, they are installing ‘tag on’ kiosks for kids to record their trip and be rewarded for their activity. The school is also partnering with organisations to access bikes and build road safety skills. They are going to make sure their kids get muddy feet again!

Scouts Australia 
SciScouts: Health

SciScouts was established in 2015 to address barriers to physical activity. This program is designed to appeal to kids that don’t usually participate in organised sport. The program is using its challenge funding to deliver events and workshops focussed on health and exercise science for Scouts and Guide members and leaders in the ACT and surrounding region.

Newcastle Cycleways Movement Inc
Hunter RidesAssist

Under Bicycle NSW’s RidesAssist program, people with vision impairment can enjoy the physical and social benefits of cycling by riding a tandem bike with a specially trained sighted “pilot”. This grant will fund the purchase of two tandem bikes, a trailer, accessories and other equipment to establish RidesAssist in the NSW Hunter region.

Feeling inspired and ready to apply?

Learn more about the challenge and submit your application online.

For more information about the challenge, contact the Innovation Team at innovationchallenge@heartfoundation.org.au