Thank you prizes

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We've got the coolest prizes to thank you for your awesome fundraising efforts!

Jump Rope Prizes for 2018

To receive an online bonus prize, you must raise either $300 or $100 totally online! Example: If you raised $160 in total $110 online and $50 offline you would receive the $150 prize and the $100 bonus prize. 

Click on the prizes below to find out more! 

  • $60 Ozi-Rang

    The Ozi-Rang is a soft, flexible flying toy that comes straight back to you just like a boomerang! With four wings for a smooth, curved flight path you can fling this flyer with a flick of the wrist. Watch the Ozi-Rang circle out at 1.25 metres, then make its way back to your into your arms.

    Ozi Rang

  • $100 Drink Bottle

    Our Jump Rope for Heart Drink bottle holds 750mL and is the perfect size for your school backpack. (Bottles are BPA free)

    Drink Bottle Red

  • ONLINE BONUS - $100 Ultimate Shoot and Score

    If you raise between $100-299 online you will get this bonus prize!

    Shoot some hoops wherever you go. Try to get the basketball into the basket - it's harder than it looks! Once you score, the board lights up and crowd cheering sound effects cheer you on. You shoot... you score! The crowd goes wild!

    Ultimate Shoot and Score

  • $150 Velcro Paddle Ball Set

    Two velcro paddles and velcro paddle ball to play the fun original catch game that helps with catching and coordination skills. The ball grips to the velcro side of paddle and can be pulled off with ease for throwing. 

    Velcro Paddle Ball Set

  • ONLINE BONUS - $300 Flying Disco Ball

    If you raise between over $300 online you will get this bonus prize!

    Flying Disco ball charges from a USB port. The ball flies and when close to your hand it repels. 

    Flying Disco Ball

  • $500 Aqua Mini Bow

    Dunk the soft foam arrowhead in water, load it in the dual power cord Mini-Bow, aim then ...FIRE! Turn the backyard into a wet, wild battle zone. 

    Aqua Mini Bow

  • $1000 Zoingo Boingo

    Why walk or run when you can Zoingo Boingo! The Zoingo Boingo is the amazing bungee pogo stick on a ball for any flat or smooth surface. Children will love bouncing around, pulling off wicked spinning tricks while in the air! Great for exercise, balance, coordination and loads of fun!

    Zoingo Boingo

  • $2500 Razor Scooter + 1 prize from every level

    If you raise $2500 or more you will get the Razor Scooter and one prize from every other level.

    With its extra-large urethane wheels, the A5 Lux is the smoothest ride around. Easy to fold and ready to go wherever you go. 

    Razor Scooter

Terms and Conditions
Students from all schools that undertake fundraising are entitled to receive prizes, on the basis that the school fundraising total reaches a minimum of $200. Students will receive only the prize indicated for the fundraising level achieved and prizes cannot be redeemed for their cash value. Prizes will not necessarily be the same as depicted and colours, designs and models supplied may vary to that shown. The Heart Foundation reserves the right to substitute a prize with a similar product should the prize initially offered no longer be available. Prizes will be delivered to the participant’s school for distribution after fundraising has been finalized and the school has had their Jump Off Day. *Students that raise either $100 or $300 entirely online, will be entitled to receive the $100 or $300 online bonus prize and the respective $100 or $300 general prizes.