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Steps to get started

Step 1: Registration 

  • Find your school in the search box on this page and register, or email us at Jump.rope@heartfoundation.org.au

  • Already registered? You can find your school fundraising page here

Step 2: Kit arrives and online fundraising page is activated  

  • Fundraising kit will arrive at your school with skipping ropes, sponsorship forms and posters (no cost for this, just a commitment to fundraising over $200 – most students raise over $100 so this shouldn’t be a problem). 
  • You will receive an email with your school’s online fundraising page. 

Step 3: Launch Jump Rope

  • Hold an assembly at your school to tell everyone about the program. 
  • Hand out sponsorship forms and share your schools fundraising page within your school and parent community. 

Step 4: Skip and raise funds!

  • Get your students to practice skipping whenever and wherever they can. 
  • Raise money for the Heart Foundation either online or offline with the sponsorship form.

Step 5: Jump off day

  • School holds a JUMP OFF DAY which is the last day of your program. Kids bring in the funds they raised and show off their skipping skills. 

Have a question? We have the answer!

Getting Started 

  • How does the program work?

    Jump Rope for Heart is a flexible program, you choose what term you want to run the program in and how long the program will last for (usually between 4-8 weeks). At the end of the program a school holds a Jump Off Day where the kids jump rope and bring in their funds raised.

    We supply you with all the fundraising materials and skipping ropes you need to make the program a success. The students who fundraise get rewarded with awesome incentive prizes!

    Students seek donations from friends and family for all the hard work they have put into their skipping skills.

    TIP the average student raises $ 150

  • How long is the program?

    We know schools are very busy places that’s why Jump Rope can be as long or as short as you need it.  Most schools run the program in 4-8 weeks. 

  • What is in the Fundraising kit?

    The fundraising kit has skipping ropes, sponsorship forms, prize posters and skipping skill cards; everything you need to run a successful program!   

  • What is a Field Officer?

    Field Officers are your main point of contact with the Heart Foundation. Each Field Officer manages many schools within each state. They will send you helpful emails to get your program up and running, and will also give you instructions on how to complete your program. 

During the program  

  • What is the Teacher's Resource page?

    This is where you find all the help needed to run the program, including:

    • Comprehensive Teacher's Manual
    • Tips on launching your program
    • How to get the most out of fundraising
    • Loads of skipping tricks (including videos)
    • Letters to send home to parents and much more!

    You get access to the page after registering your school.

  • What is a Jump Off Day?

    A Jump off day is the exciting, fun day at the end of your program where kids demonstrate their skipping ability and bring in all the funds they have raised. You can pick when this date will be and the format of it. Some schools for their Jump off day do an hour of skipping at lunch while other schools make it an afternoon event — you choose what works for your school!

Completing the program 

  • When do the prizes arrive?

    Once your school has completed the summary sheet and sent in the funds raised we will send out the prizes to your school to hand out.  Sometimes this can take between 2-5 weeks. 

    If you school only raised money online - let us know and we will get the prizes sent out to your school.  

  • How do I claim my school’s rebate?

    The program offers schools that raise more than $1,500 a 10% rebate on the total funds raised. The rebate can otherwise be provided to your school in-kind as skipping ropes, or you can nominate these funds to be donated back to the Heart Foundation. To get your school's rebate email Jump.Rope@heartfoundation.org.au

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