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Headshot: MontanaMontana Tozer-Chahine 
My name is Montana and I am the Jump Rope for Heart Program and Fundraising Coach for New South Wales and Victorian Schools. I started with Jump Rope in 2016 as a volunteer and was fortunate to begin working as a permanent team member in 2017. The main thing I love about working here is promoting the importance of physical activity in preventing heart disease and seeing the excitement of students when they learn new skipping skills for the first time. 

Headshot EmmaEmma Howlett 

Hi, I’m Emma, and I look after schools north of the Sydney Harbour Bridge in Sydney and the Central Coast of NSW. I also look after the whole of South Australia, and the Australian Capital Territory. When I was in school I was part of a Jump Rope for Heart skipping demonstration team at Canadian Lead Primary School in Victoria!

Headshot: Mitch Mitchell Sandridge

I have been part of the Jump Rope Team since February 2017 and I look after NSW, VIC and TAS. I like working for Jump Rope for Heart because it starts the conversation about the big impact that heart disease has on Australian families. Students are then made more aware of its affect and start to think about how they can look after their hearts and hopefully start reversing the negative trend that heart disease is having on the Australian population. 

Headshot: Alicia

Alicia Barry

I have been with the Heart Foundation Jump Rope for Heart team as a volunteer since 2016 and started as a Jump Rope for Heart Program and Fundraising Coach in 2017. I look after schools in Queensland, Northern Territory and NSW. I love that Jump Rope gives kids the opportunity to not only learn why physical activity is important but to get out there and do it! It also raises awareness about heart disease, which is a huge issue for the community.

Alex Headshot Photo Alex Fernandez

My name is Alex Fernandez and I am the Jump Rope for Heart Field Officer for New South Wales and Western Australian Schools. I attended St George Christian School in Sydney during my childhood, where I participated in the Jump Rope for Heart program from 2003-2006. Karen Binns was the program coordinator/skipping coach and is still coordinating the program at St George Christian school every single year. This is proof that Jump Rope for Heart is an excellent example of how a school physical activity program can have a huge benefit on academic performance, whilst also creating awareness and promoting heart health to Australian students.

I love to listen to music and skip to the rhythm. I find One Direction has the best jumping jams but don’t judge me on that 

- Emma Howlett, Jump Rope For Heart Field Officer