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When you donate to a child participating in Jump Rope for Heart you are helping in the fight against heart disease, which is the number one killer of men and women in Australia.

Your donation to the Heart Foundation could fund:


$48 - Study heart cells

$48. Did you know you can grow heart cells? $48 pays for a bottle of nutrient solution to grow some. Researchers can then study them and understand more about how they work and what happens to them when you have cardiovascular disease.

Health Information Service

$81 - Get help fast

$81 allows eight people to have their calls answered by our health information service. They get free, personalised information and support on heart health, nutrition and healthy lifestyle from a qualified health professional.


$100 - DNA Test

$100 pays for a DNA test that can help determine the genetic factors involved in heart disease. Such knowledge can help identify people with a high risk of heart disease, and lead to new, innovative treatments.


$152 - Help someone recover

The weeks and months following a heart event can be difficult. You learn more about what happened and find out what lifestyle changes you need to make. $152 will help us support someone during this time with resources and phone calls, so they can confidently manage their heart health.