Memorial giving

Celebrate the life of someone you love by giving to the Heart Foundation in their memory

This gift is a thoughtful way to pay tribute to the life of a friend or family member, and give health and life to others.

How we remember your loved one

When you give a gift in memory of someone, we add the name of the person you’re honoring in our Book of Remembrance, which we keep permanently and that we welcome you to visit.

If you are donating to a friend who has lost a loved one we write a condolence letter to their family, and let them know you’ve kindly made this gift (we don’t tell them the amount). You can also set up a personlised tribute page which you can share with friends and family. 

Ways you make a donation in memory

Collect gifts at funerals

If you’d like people to give memorial donations at a loved one’s funeral or commemoration service, talk to your funeral director. Most can provide Heart Foundation envelopes or another collection facility. Alternatively, please contact us on 1300 550 282 to request memorial envelopes to be sent out. 

Give now online

Donate now by simply selecting your donation is ‘in memory’ via our online donation page

Create a personalised tribute page

Create a special tribute page in memory of your loved one. In a few simple steps you can set up a personalised page where donations can be made, special messages left and information can be shared.

  1. Visit the Heart Foundations Online In Memoriam page
  2. Click Start Tribute Page
  3. Select your sign-up method and complete the fields required.
  4. After entering your name and contact details, a password, click submit.
  5. Personalise your tribute page by adding photos and a personal story about your loved one. After this is completed select 'Create Supporter Page'.
  6. You are now able to share messages, thoughts, stories, service details or anniversaries on your page.
  7. Share your personalised tribute page with friends, family and collogues. 

Giving by mail

Send your donation (cheque, money order or credit card details) by post to:

Heart Foundation, Reply Paid 9966, in your capital city.

To help us remember your loved one, please include:

  • your name and address (so we can send you a receipt)
  • the name and address of the person you are remembering
  • the name and address of the next of kin or nearest family member (so we can inform them of your kind gift, without mentioning the amount).

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