Without warning, Tony was taken from his family

Kathryn’s husband Tony was just 40 when he died from cardiac arrest. Feeling confused and helpless Kathryn was left to care for their three young daughters alone.

Tony and Kathryn were on their first holiday together since their three children were born. While enjoying a week exploring the sights of Sydney, Tony collapsed. Paramedics rushed to the scene but couldn’t revive him. Nine days after Tony’s cardiac arrest, his life support was turned off.

“There was no rhyme or reason to Tony’s death. It made me feel so helpless.”

Kathryn and her daughters were devastated. How could a physically active person with a healthy lifestyle become a tragic statistic in the blink of an eye?

Unfortunately, an autopsy was unable to give the family answers. Kathryn remains one of many, too many, perplexed by the mysteries of heart disease.

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Heart emergencies like cardiac arrest kill an estimated 10,000 Australians every year. Dr Dion Stub is one of the dedicated researchers working out why.

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