Meet Australia’s toughest birthday girl

Meet Australia’s toughest birthday girl

Did you know that 1 in 16 childhood deaths are from heart disease?

"The first thing they told me was I was having a little girl. We were over the moon – then the next sentence was that there were some abnormalities."

Jennifer’s mum Jamie and dad Daniel ached with pride and joy seeing their unborn daughter's heart beating at her 20 week scan, but were horrified to discover that she had not one but two life threatening heart conditions that could rob them of their little girl. She had a large hole in her heart and the positon of her main arteries were reversed.

She was only three hours old, and already the joy and delight of her family - when her mum and dad had to say goodbye to her. She was rushed away to have an emergency procedure while they could only wait helplessly, not knowing if they’d see their newly born daughter again.

Then when Jennifer was just two months old, her tiny body had to endure major heart surgery. You can imagine how the operation seemed to take forever for her frightened parents and how relieved they were to find out the operation had been a success.

The generosity of our donors made it possible to treat Jennifer’s heart defect - and helped her reach her first birthday this January.

“If it wasn’t for generous people, my baby girl wouldn’t be here right now. My father would probably be here. My grandfather. It’s one of those things where it takes everybody to be involved to keep up this work” - Jennifer’s Mum Jaime.

Learn more about what generous donations help us to do.

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